LGBTQ+ Resident Services and Supports

Produced by the HRC Foundation

Due to a lifetime of discrimination and stigma, LGBTQ+ people living in long-term care communities may not feel comfortable being themselves. They may be concerned about treatment from staff or other residents. They may be uncertain if they can attend programming and be welcomed to be their full, authentic self; they may worry about whether or not they can room with their same-sex significant other, spouse or domestic partner. They may want information about their sexual orientation and gender identity and expressions kept confidential out of fear of reprisal from others.

A 2018 AARP report surveyed LGBTQ+ people ages 45 and up and found that 60% were concerned about their future treatment in long-term care:

  • 67% concerned about neglect
  • 62% concerned about abuse
  • 61% concerned about limited access to services
  • 60% concerned about verbal or physical harassment

It’s vitally important and necessary for long-term care communities to put safeguards into place which will support LGBTQ+ residents to age with dignity, safety and in good health.

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