Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Long-Term Care Equality Index? View the Frequently Asked Quesitons below. If you have additional questions or need further assistance please email us at

What is the LEI?

The Long-term Care Equality Index (LEI) is an assessment tool that helps residential long-term care communities measure the extent to which they are providing culturally competent care to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults.  It consists of a survey and practical recommendations on improving policies, procedures, training and outreach for best care.  It was developed by two of the nation’s leading organizations serving LGBTQ communities – the Human Rights Campaign and SAGE.  For more information about the LEI, visit

What are the benefits in participating in the LEI?
  • Provide high-quality, welcoming environments to LGBTQ residents and assurance to their families and friends that their loved ones are safe.
  • Public recognition as a leader in providing LGBTQ-welcoming services. 
  • Access to best practices for LGBTQ diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Access to quality education and resources for serving LGBTQ residents.
  • Technical assistance with meeting state and federal regulatory requirements related to serving LGBTQ residents, including CMS Requirements of Participation regarding person-directed services and trauma-informed care.
  • Improved ability to develop LGBTQ culturally appropriate marketing for future staff, clients, and funders.
We are ready to participate. How do we begin?

Wonderful! With your leadership on board, the next step is to sign the Commitment to Caring Pledge. By signing the pledge you are committing to taking steps to grow and affirm your LGBTQ-welcoming policies and practices. Shortly after signing the commitment to caring pledge, you will receive a link to a self-assessment. 

Does it cost anything to participate?

No, participating in the LEI is free of charge.  The development and maintenance of the LEI is supported by contributions to HRC Foundation and SAGE. 

When will the LEI report be published?

The LEI report will be available May 2021. This inaugural report will provide an overview of the findings of the LEI self-assessment. Long-term care communities who complete the LEI self-assessment and meet key foundational practices will be included in the report. 

What is the LEI self-assessment? How is the LEI self-assessment different than the LEI official survey?

The LEI self-assessment is a confidential online tool that asks a community about 4 key elements of LGBTQ-inclsuive care. The 4 criteria include:

  • Foundational policies
  • Resident Services and Supports
  • Employee Benefits
  • Resident and Community Engagement


The self-assessment is solely based on self-report with the option of uploading samples for the LEI team to review and verify. After completion of the self-assessment communities will receive a needs assessment report, access to an executive briefing, and technical assistance. An LEI report including the findings of the self-assessment will be released May 2021.

The official LEI survey set to open Fall 2022, will require communities to upload copies of their internal policies, examples of how policies are communicated, and meet training requirements. After submission of the official LEI survey, a community will receive a tiered distinction of LGBTQ-inclusivity.

When is the self-assessment available and how do I access it?

The self-assessment is now available for your community to take! If your community has signed the commitment to caring pledge your contact person has received your personalized link to your survey. 

If you have not yet signed the commitment to care pledge, please do so and you will receive a link to the self-assessment.

What is the LEI Executive Briefing?

The LEI Executive Briefing is an interactive education session provided to you and your leadership team with all the information you need to participate in the LEI. The online education session will be made available to your executive team following the completion of the self-assessment.

We are SAGECare trained, do we need Executive Briefing?

No, If your community is SAGECare Credentialed at the Platinum level, the Executive Briefing requirement will be waived. 

We could use some technical assistance. Can you help?

Yes, we'd love to support you take further steps towards inclusion. Please contact the LEI team at to schedule a call. The LEI team can guide you through resources available and support you on your journey. Webinars focused on key policies and practices will be made available in the future. 

If you are part of a larger system and have multiple communities, the LEI team can provide personalized webinars and technical assistance. Contact us at to learn more.