Executive Briefing and Staff Training Overview

A number of recent reports in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion have pointed to inclusive leadership as one of the strongest predictors of quality decision-making, collaborative organizational behavior and even increases in workforce attendance and participation. Clear and consistent leadership is required to effectively shift and maintain an inclusive organizational culture. Inclusive leadership acts as role models and sets the standard for day-to-day operations - including how residents in long-term care communities are treated.

In order to successfully implement LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices within long-term care communities, it’s important for leadership to fully understand what changes are needed in order to provide a safe and supportive living environment, as well as understand why those changes are necessary and what supportive resources they have access to.   

Following the completion of the LEI Self-Assessment you will receive an Executive Briefing training to complete. The Executive Briefing is an educational tool developed with support of SAGECare. It is a required viewing by administrative staff of organizations completing the final LEI survey. 

Are you currently providing any LGBTQ cultural competency training to key personnel responsible for interacting with residents?

As all long-term care communities know, employee training is critical for policies to be lived out fully and consistently. Organizations have found training particularly important for ensuring LGBTQ resident support. Training employees in LGBTQ concerns not only ensures that LGBTQ residents receive equitable and culturally competent services, it also helps to improve the general community climate towards all LGBTQ people, including LGBTQ employees.