Executive Briefing and Staff Training

Produced by the HRC Foundation

As all healthcare organizations know, employee training is critical for policies to be lived out fully and consistently. Organizations have found training particularly important for ensuring LGBTQ+ resident-centered care. Training employees in LGBTQ+ concerns not only ensures that LGBTQ+ residents receive equitable and culturally competent care. It also helps to improve the general community climate towards all LGBTQ+ people, specifically LGBTQ+ employees and visitors.

To receive credit for the LEI:

  • New communities or those that have not previously met the training requirement must have 80% of key senior executives complete the LGBTQ+ Long-Term Care Equality Index (LEI): Executive Briefing provided by the LEI.
  • Returning communities that have previously met the training requirement must have 50% of management and non-management staff combined complete 1 hour of LGBTQ+ Aging Cultural Competency training provided by an LEI-approved trainer.
  • SAGECare Platinum Certified communities (new or returning) will receive credit for both the LEI Executive Briefing and the ongoing staff training requirement

LEI Survey Questions

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