LEI Webinar Series

These informational webinars, sponsored by AARP Foundation, cover the Long-Term Care Equality Index 2023 Survey process and criteria. The LEI 2023 Survey is currently closed. The next survey will open in 2024.

LEI Webinar Series: The LEI Survey Overview (16 mins)

This webinar provides an overview of the LEI 2023 survey process, survey criteria, what documents to upload, and making an action plan.

LEI Webinar Series (Criteria 1): Non-Discrimination & Staff Training

This webinar covers LEI Survey Criteria 1: Non-Discrimination & Staff Training. The Non-Discrimination and Staff Training criterion represents policies and practices that are considered foundational to an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment.

LEI Webinar Series (Criteria 2): Resident Services and Supports

This webinar covers LEI Survey Criteria 2: Resident Services and Supports. Three subsections compose this criterion: LGBTQ+ Resident Services and Support; Gender Affirming Services and Supports; Medical Decision Making.

LEI Webinar Series (Criteria 3): Employee Benefits and Policies

This webinar covers LEI Survey Criteria 3: Employee Benefits & Policies. This criterion is designed to familiarize communities with best practices to promote equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees.

LEI Webinar Series (Criteria 4): Resident and Community Engagement

This webinar covers LEI Survey Criteria 4: Resident and Community Engagement. This criterion helps long-term care communities ensure that 1) LGBTQ+ residents are connected to the greater LGBTQ+ community and 2) that the housing community builds relationships with the greater LGBTQ+ community.

Thank you to our Co-Host, AARP Foundation, for supporting the Long-Term Care Equality Index Webinar Series.