The LEI Webinar Series: Survey Overview (Recording)

This webinar provides an overview of the survey process, survey criteria, what documents to upload, and making an action plan. Follow the links to help you prepare for the August 2022 survey.

Watch the LEI Webinar NOW (16 mins)

*Correction: To achieve 1 of 3 tiers of recognition, a community must have all of Criteria 1's best practices in place. These practices include:

1. An LGBTQ+ inclusive resident non-discrimination policy
2. An LGBTQ+ inclusive employee non-discrimination policy
3. Visitation Policy that states residents can have "a visitor of their choice."
4. Complete the LGBTQ+ Long-Term Care Equality Executive Briefing

View the LEI Webinar Series - This series covers each of the 4 LEI criteria and gives guidance on inclusive policy with template language and examples. Access the LEI Web series now.

Thank you to our co-host, AARP Foundation, for supporting our the Long-Term Care Equality Index Webinar Series.